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Dr. Sandra Miranda

Dr. Sandra Miranda ND

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Welcome to our Question & Answer Page where each week I go live online with women who are participating in my online program and answer their most pressing questions. 

You can watch the videos of previous sessions below.

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Q&A session - 2022, Nov 23 (64 min.)
Today's discussion includes: 

Diet diary review  
What can I do for hot flashes? 
Is it ok to eat Soy?
RECIPE - Heart Healthy Recipe 
Where can I get more recipes 
Why do I have itchy ears?
Difference between simple and complex carbohydrates
Can I eat oatmeal for breakfast 
When will I offer my next detox class?

Q&A session - 2022, Nov 9 (66 min.)
Today's discussion includes: 

How long can I take a probiotic for? 
Reasons for soft stools 
How can I reduce my gluten?
RECIPE - Pear Paleo Muffins
Does lemon water affect the enamel of my teeth 
Help - I'm overwhelmed!
Milk alternatives - pros and cons
What can I do for my hot flashes?
PH of our bodies - why should I be alkaline? 

Q&A session - 2022, Oct 26 (72 min.)
Today's discussion includes: 

Is Ketosis bad for you? 
Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes 
Water & lemon, popcorn
How to substitute sugar in baking
Diet Diary Review

Q&A session - 2022, Oct 12 (53 min.)
Today's discussion includes: 

How much Magnesium should I take? 
Diet Diary Review 
How to make dietary modifications to your Nutritional Formula.
Self Breast Exams - benefits and how and when to do them.

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