A 6 Week Program with Dr. Sandra Miranda ND

Feel Like You Again...
Natural Anti-Aging Techniques that work! 

Balance Your Hormones - Regain Your Energy - Love Your Life!

Dr. Sandra Miranda

Dr. Sandra Miranda ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Miranda, ND has a special interest and experience in helping women with hormonal imbalances, thyroid deficiencies, weight loss, detoxification, fatigue and stress management, digestive complaints, and pain management.  

When does our next 6-Week Program starts? 

Saturday, May 25, 2024

TIME - 9am to 10:15am 

 “Aging doesn’t have to be devastating and crippling. Most of my patients feel healthier in their 40s, 50s and 60s than ever before.” 

Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND


Details & Pricing

Online Program

Join us from the comfort of your own home or office ... or beach! 

 LIVE & Pre-recorded sessions 

- Dr. Miranda, ND will guide you through every step of the way.

- LIVE sessions (Week 2, 4, 6) will be on Saturdays 9am to 10:15am 

- Opportunity to ask Dr. Miranda questions in the LIVE sessions

- Can't make it to a LIVE session? 

No problem! Sessions are recorded and will be sent to you right after the LIVE session. 

- Access to all videos for the next 2 months. 

- Access to Dr. Miranda's Private Facebook group where she goes LIVE regularly to answer any questions that you may have in between the LIVE sessions.  

Price is in Canadian Dollars

Regular Price CA$497

Special: CA$397 
For the entire Program!

Covered by Health Care Insurance Plans under Naturopathic Medicine 

What You will Learn
in this 6 Week Master Class...

The nutritional formula that will keep you feeling young, balanced and at a healthy weight.
Natural methods to keep your moods, energy, memory, weight and sleep healthy and balanced.
How to find out if stress is making you fat and natural tips to avoid this.
Find out if your thyroid is truly a problem (even if you have been told everything is “normal”).
Easy ways to check your own hormonal imbalances & progress by doing home measurements & questionnaires.
Learn how to tell if your sex hormones are low and the many health problems that are associated to our imbalanced sex hormones. 
Learn how to get a thorough functional evaluation of each one of your hormones – the type of testing we don't get through conventional Medicine
I will be sharing many easy recipes every week to help you achieve your results. 

Feel Like YOU Again ... Natural Anti-Aging Techniques that work!  
6 Week Master Class Outline

Week 1

Becoming Nutritionally Balanced! 

1. Getting Started 

2. Top guidelines to be successful

3. Hydration & Hormonal Disruptors 

4. Constipation is Illegal 

Week 2

Eat Your Way to Balanced Sugar & Weight  

 1. Insulin - Mother of all Hormones
2. Nutritional Formula - Eating Your Way to Balanced Hormones
3. Best Daily Routine- Daily Habits 
4. Lifestyle & Insulin Resistance 
5. Supplements for Insulin Resistance

HORMONE covered: Insulin  

Week 3

Healthy Adrenal Glands & Sleep 

1. Is Stress Keeping you Sick & Fat?
2. Eating Your Way to Stress Relief 
3. Sleeping Your Way to Health Adrenals 
4. Lifestyle & Adrenals 
5. Supplements for Healthy Adrenals 

HORMONES covered: Cortisol, DHEA & Melatonin

Week 4

What You May Not Know About Your Thyroid 

1. Why so Many Women Have Thyroid Problems.
2. Detoxifying Your Way to Optimal Thyroid 
3. How about Hyperthyroidism 
4. Lifestyle & Thyroid Health 
5. Supplements for Optimal Thyroid 

HORMONES covered: 

TSH, free T4, free T3, TPO, ATA, rT3

Week 5


My Sex Hormones are Low 

1. Sex Hormones do more than what you think. 
2. Ideal hormone levels for our age and how to test them 
3. Natural supplements & herb to speed your recovery 
4. Are Bio-Identical Hormones the right  choice for you?

HORMONES covered: 

estrogen, progesterone, testosterone 

Week 6

Living the Life You Love! 

1. How to maintain your improvements. 
2. Putting it all together 
3. Dealing with life's guilty pleasures 
4. How to deal with get togethers & celebrations 
5. Eating Out & still Keeping Healthy 

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