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As a woman, mother and a naturopathic doctor who has been practicing for 20 years, I know how overwhelming it can be to treat hormonal imbalances for women.   I know how confusing it can be to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to what you are being told by different doctors or what you are reading from a number of “health gurus” in the internet. 

I’ve spent the last 20 years learning and experiencing what really works when it comes to women’s health.  I developed a keen interest in women’s health and hormone balance not only from my own personal experiences but also from seeing countless of women in my practice not being given acceptable answers to their health problems.    Most of the first line treatments offered by conventional medicine are not only the best options but in many cases they can have harmful side effects compared to the well-studied natural alternatives. 

My mission and commitment today is simple: to reach out to women who want to improve their health naturally without the use of medication.  No matter where you are on your journey to wellness, I’m here to support you.  My goal is to inspire you and give you the facts on how our bodies have the capacity to heal.  I want to teach you the tools you need, so you can feel empowered with your choices and simply put: Fell Like You Again. 

 The truth is that there is an answer to what you are going through.  We are not supposed to feel exhausted, heavy, irritable, overwhelmed, headachy, with racing thoughts at night.  We now have the science to know how to test hormones and find out what imbalance you may have as well as how to treat it naturally, with food and lifestyle changes.

 This information is for you if you are looking for real solutions to get to the root cause of your health problems, not just more medications.

 So, are you ready to discover what’s really behind your symptoms and to learn how to overcome them naturally?