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  • Are You Sick and Tired Of Your Mood Swings? - Most people have experienced mood swings at some point in their life.  Mood swings tend to cause a lot of stress not only to you but also to everyone who might come in contact with you.  Conventional medicine does not have a lot of options to help us with this problem either, other than  mood […]
  • Weak Bones? Are You At Risk? - By the age of 60, almost 50% of women in North America will have Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.  The rate of hip fractures is projected to increase by 310% in men and 240% in women by 2050.   The following increases your risk of developing osteoporosis or osteopenia:–  Menopause–  Smoking & alcohol &  pop–  Caffeine- if […]
  • Is Stress Making Me Inflamed? - One of the biggest discussions currently in science is the relationship between psychological stress, emotions and chronic inflammatory disease states. In Naturopathic Medicine, we consider the whole person – mind, body and spirit.   In my private practice, I notice that even if patients are becoming nutritionally balanced and exercising regularly, if they are under a […]
  • Please Say NO To Aspartame - Aspartame is an artificial sweetener added to various “diet” foods and drinks.  More than 200 million people around the world consume it and it has been used in the food industry for over 30 years.  Children are considerable consumers of aspartame through Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Kool-Aid, Jell-O gelatin dessert and pudding mixes and certain […]
  • How to Choose Probiotic Supplements - Finding the right type of probiotic for your body is very important. But unfortunately it is not as easy as you want it to be. There is a large range of probiotics, all with different ingredients and different things they do for your body. To find the right probiotic, follow these steps and tips: Read […]
  • Are You Suffering With Various Health Problems? - Many times I see patients at the clinic with a very long and overwhelming list of health concerns.  It can be confusing to know where to start?  But after 20 years of practicing, I have learned that the most effective approach is to start with the health of our gut.  Our digestive tract is the […]
  • Retirement Mindset - You made it to retirement!  You waited your whole life, pushing yourself when you were not feeling good.  You may have even needed sleeping pills or medication to keep your pain under control so you can get through the last year of work.  What kept you going was thinking about all the things you wanted […]
  • 4 Ways To Boost A Mom’s Energy! - Moms need energy.  In fact, moms need A LOT of energy! Energy is what gets us through the day, physically and, perhaps even more importantly, mentally.  Real energy helps us think clearly, creatively, and decisively and it’s what helps us keep up with our life, our kids, and for many other jobs. Our physical energy […]
  • Are You Craving Sweets? - I know craving sugar can be a powerful urge.  I talk to many women who are fully aware they are hooked and others who don’t think they eat a lot of sweets at all…until they start keeping track. Yikes!  The truth is, that once you eat it, it becomes harder and harder to stop.  Sugar […]
  • 16 Clever Tips When Eating Out - With a busy lifestyle it is hard to completely avoid having to eat out. But eating at a restaurant doesn’t have to sabotage a healthy diet.  I have written this blog so that you can use these tips the next time you have to eat out. Try to keep your entire meal to 500 calories […]

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